Hair Loss Solutions

Associate Trichologist – Hair loss Practitioner

What is a Trichologist?

A Trichologist is a specialist in hair loss and scalp disorders. Trichologists identify various conditions of the scalp and hair loss issues including: excessive shedding, balding and receding hairlines. These conditions can result from nutritional deficiencies, medication, hormones, stress, genetics and other various health issues.

Hair loss facts

  • 50% of men and 30% of women experience genetic hair loss (Not including traction loss, hormonal and other health issues)
  • 50% of all women by middle age have noticeable hair loss
  • 97% of all male hair loss is Male pattern Baldness
  • 70% of all women hair loss is Female pattern Baldness
  • Hair loss can begin as early as 20 years old
After identifying the specific cause or causes of the hair loss, our specialist will provide a safe, proven and effective hair loss treatment personalized for you. We offer non-surgical options to regrow your hair using a multi-therapeutic approach of products, supplements and FDA-approved Low Level Light lasers. There are many different combinations of treatment options that can be created specifically to reach your goals, however hair regrowth is not always a possibility for everyone. During your consultation our trichologist will be able to determine if you are good candidate at no obligation to you. Hair loss doesn’t only have an effect physically it can have a huge impact on ones confidence. Don’t wait! Start investing in yourself, schedule your FREE consultation today.