What Should I Book?

When booking online appointments, we do require you to select a ‘finishing service’—meaning a haircut or blow dry after your chemical. Should you just need your color/chemical service done, please call the salon to book.

Select stylists or services may require a deposit to hold your appointment. If you do not see the desired service available for online booking, please call the salon.


Booking for only a ‘Color’ service will hold a 30 minute appointment time. This is enough time for a regular 4-6 week root touch up, or a root to end single color.

Double process color

A double process color is booking for two separate chemical services. Usually used when a client requires a lightening service prior to applying another color on the hair. An example would be someone trying to achieve a bright fashion color such as pink, blue, purple, etc We kindly ask that you call the salon in order to reserve an appointment of this kind

Base Break

A base break is applied to lift or ‘break’ into the natural base color to blend high lights, this is a 15 minute appointment slot

Glaze / Toner / Color Gloss / Shadow Root

These terms are typically interchangeable. Each of these services are normally applied to damp hair at the shampoo bowl. They add shine, temporary color, and cancel out unwanted tones in the hair. This is a 15 minute appointment slot.

Partial Highlight

A partial highlight is only adding highlights/ brightness to half of your head. There are no foils added into the back sections or underneath by the nape of the neck. This is typically a 30-45 minute appointment slot, not including processing, cutting or styling time.

Full Highlight

Highlights are added throughout the entire head. Typically a 45 minute appointment slot, not including processing, cutting or styling time.

Base color with partial or full highlights

This would be a root color touch up(to cover grey hair) with highlights added. Typically 45 minutes to an hour, not including processing, cutting or styling time.

Face frame or Mini Highlight

Adding brightness just around the face. 30 minute booking time.

Women’s or Men’s Haircut and Style

30-45 minute appointment, Blow dry and styling time is included.

Blow Dry / Curls / Flat Ironing

When booking a blow dry, this includes time for a shampoo and blow out with your stylist. They may be able to ‘polish’ your style with light curling or flat ironing. Should you need your hair done for an event, an needing the style to last all day or night, it is best to select the Curls/Flat Iron add on service. This allows the stylist additional time to perfect your look. Additional fees may apply on top of your blow dry service.

Color Correction

Any color service that is ‘different’ from what you would normally have done. For example: If you have dark brown hair and are wanting to achieve a lighter color, typically we would refer to it as a color correction. Time for this appointment varies greatly depending on a number of factors. We ask that you come in for a complimentary consultation, and allow our stylist and front desk coordinators to book these appointments.

Balayage or Foilyage

These terms are used to describe different highlighting techniques. These are specialty services that require time and knowledge. Your stylist will be hand placing the dimensional pieces into your hair. These appointments typically take 3+ hours, especially when having a haircut or styling service afterwards. These looks will offer a more ‘natural’ or ‘outgrown’ look, quite different from a more traditional highlighted look. These require less maintenance, as opposed to coming into the salon for a 6 week touch up on your highlights. Your stylist would typically recommend you coming in for a maintenance service of a color gloss or toning service to remove any unwanted tones.